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Helping our clients to increase their sales and explore new opportunities.

Blue Vine is a technical market intelligence company helping automotive, energy and technology organisations explore opportunities, make informed decisions and grow. 

Blue Vine provides the bespoke services of; technical communications, market analysis and strategy along with technical consulting, technical due diligence, bid, proposal and tender writing.

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The Blue Vine Offering has 4 main pillars to its service; Market Analysis, Market Entry Strategy, Technical Communications and Technical Consulting & Proposal Writing

Market Analysis

Blue Vine Consultants offer a market analysis service which enables our clients to understand their customers & markets better. Whilst technical communications are an excellent B2B tool, some businesses primarily sell their products to consumers. Through quantitative and qualitative research we are able to help companies better understand their market. This leads to identification of new opportunities, increased product sales and more satisfied customers..

Market Entry Strategy

Blue Vine Consultants develop bespoke strategies allowing our clients to identify the correct markets and route to that market for their products or services. These strategies are built upon sound analysis and intelligence enabling our clients to exploit new markets. This results in successful market entry or expansion within current markets, entry into new markets and ultimately increased revenue generation for our clients.

Technical Communications

We offer a bespoke service of high end white papers and technical communications. Our white papers are persuasive tools that use empirical evidence to promote a certain product, service, or viewpoint. We help our clients to tell their stories with white papers based on facts, not hype. Blue Vine has extensive experience writing and delivering high quality communications with over 25 papers written to date. Our white papers help to get our clients product, process or service into the minds of prospects, ultimately leading to greater sales generation.

Technical Consulting & Proposal Writing 

Blue Vine also offers the services of technical consulting and proposal writing for companies in the automotive, energy and technology sectors. Technical consulting includes conducting well-to-wheel analyses for low carbon vehicles and technical assessments of new technologies. This helps our clients when conducting due diligence for future investments. Blue Vine has extensive experience in proposal writing, especially EU Horizon 2020 projects, meaning we can assist consortia in the writing of proposals and also in project coordination. 




Blue Vine has extensive experience and networks within the automotive sector having worked with niche vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, tier 2 suppliers and OEMs. Blue Vine is particularly specialised in the field of low carbon vehicles and connected autonomous vehicles. Our clients ask us for technical, economic and market analysis of specific vehicle technologies and innovations. Our expertise covers conventional propulsion (internal combustion engine), advanced propulsion (battery electric, hybrid, fuel cell) as well as the UK supply chain.


Energy generation, storage and transmission is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Blue Vine works across a wide spectrum of different energy generation, storage and transmission technologies and has expertise in the underlying strategy to taking these high tech energy innovations to market along with technical assessments of new energy products. We work from the large scale devices to small scale portable technologies, from the hydrogen economy to mechanical energy storage. Blue Vine has worked with its clients to explore new possibilities, secure funding, carry out market due diligence, develop market entry strategies and assess their technologies.


The technology landscape is constantly changing at an unprecedented rate. Blue Vine helps its clients to demystify new technologies and to develop strategies which help to penetrate the best markets. Using its underlying expertise and academic background, Blue Vine works with clients to help them understand fast paced changes that occur in their markets. We have worked with startups developing new and exciting technologies and have consulted with larger firms helping them stay at the forefront of technological developments.

Why Blue Vine?

Blue Vine is an award winning specialist marketing and research company. Blue Vine’s core consultants are experts in their respective fields, including the automotive sector, high-technologies and renewable energy. Blue Vine started as a University of Birmingham spin out company in 2013. This enables us to work with world renowned academics, who are members of the Blue Vine Associates Network. As a result, our clients receive high quality reports with unique insights into their business area of interest. 

The Blue Vine team has over 10 years of combined experience in market research, market entry strategy and technical communication. To date Blue Vine has over 25 publications ranging from technical communications to academic papers and industry reports. In addition, Blue Vine has worked with a range of companies from micro/SME to multinational corporation.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

“It was excellent working with Blue Vine Consultants and I look forward to working with them in the future! It was great to work with a market research company with an understanding of hard science and engineering. This makes them easy to work with as they grasp complex ideas quickly, especially useful when working on projects involving state of the art technology.”
— Prof. John Jostins, Director - Microcab Industries
“Blue Vine have proven themselves to be hard working, professional and, most importantly, are willing to go above and beyond to get the project done. Their expertise and knowledge was key in getting the project complete. I look forward to working with Blue Vine in the future!”
— Steve Bolton, Sales Director - HPL Prototypes
“Working with Blue Vine Consultants has helped us to understand UK markets better. Their professionalism and their hard working attitude make them easy to work with and highly effective. Their sector knowledge and technical expertise, as well as access to their networks have facilitated our entry to the UK market. It was refreshing to be working with scientists and engineers rather than ‘just another marketing company’. Their advice has been invaluable and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Blue Vine Consultants.”
— Prof. Robert Steinberger-Wilckens, Director - H2O e-mobile

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Blue Vine is founded upon the knowledge of its associates with principles from academic research in the field of innovation, market entry strategy and engineering. Please find on this page a partial list of our publications. Click on the images to download the publications. 

The Blue Vine Team

Blue Vine Associate Network

The Associate Network comprises of world leading academics and consultants who are experts in their respective fields. These associates have expertise in a range of disciplines that complement Blue Vine’s core areas of expertise.

Our network is continually growing and we are interested in working with talented, motivated and entrepreneurial people. If you think your expertise would be of interest to Blue Vine Consultants and would like to join the Associate Network, please fill out the information below and we'll be in touch.

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